Disrupting healthcare, one ‘nudg’ at a time


LovedBy design and deliver products, services and brands which aim to improve society and have a meaningful impact on the world. With their brand nudg, they are tackling chronic illness head on, through a combination of smart technology, service and product design.


Animation created by Brandwalk for nudg


Nudg is a behavioural change platform designed to positively change the path of chronic illness for a person ‘one nudg at a time’.

Combining AI and a sophisticated learning algorithm, nudg pushes highly personalized content to users through their favourite channels, including social media and devices. The challenge was to explain the nudg proposition and inspire potential healthcare partners to get onboard with the exciting new platform.


To explain the nudg proposition and make it easy for audiences to follow the story a, Brandwalk’s creative storytellers broke the subject down into a set of simple messages.

We created a simple friendly animation to tell the story of how the platform guides a boy with T1 diabetes to healthier habits, ‘one nudg at a time.’


Brandwalk animation created to tell the nudg story to partners


Brandwalk continues to partner with LovedBy to build awareness of nudg and develop the right go to market strategies for its growing portfolio of brands.    With Brandwalk’s guidance and support, Nudg will move towards its vision of being the world’s favorite personalized learning platform.


  • Brand Strategy

    Brand Architecture

  • Media Design & Animation

    Scriptwriting & Brand story animation

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