EPAM Systems

Case Study

Engineering a digital future

EPAM is a leading global provider of software product development and digital platform engineering services offering technological consulting to many of the world’s leading organizations.

The Challenge

EPAM’s ability to successfully attract, retain and develop highly skilled technology professionals is critical to its success.  A key part of this is developing a culture where people are aligned behind a compelling vision and have a clear view of where they can contribute to the growth and success of the company in a market where digital transformation has only just begun for business.

The Approach

Working closely with the senior leadership team in the UK and Northern Europe, we helped the team map out a three year vision and strategic framework, with clear and measurable goals to drive the business forward.  An important aspect of this work was defining the brand and leadership story to align and galvanize EPAM’s people in the region.

The Solution

EPAM’s strategic framework is a blueprint for future growth and success.  The leadership team are now fully aligned behind what needs to be done to continue EPAM’s amazing success story in the region; have a clear plan and process to keep on track; and a consistent and compelling leadership story with which they can engage and inspire their teams.


Strategic framework | Brand story | Culture mapping


Leadership engagement| Communications planning

Rob’s wealth of knowledge and experience has had a profound effect on our strategy in the last two years.”

Matt Farrar, Vice President of Service Design, EPAM systems