Case Study

Aligning a global team in a dynamic market

One of the world’s leading brands, Mastercard is transforming digital payments, playing an essential role in making payments quicker, seamless and more secure across all connected devices.

The Challenge

Within the dynamic payments ecosystem, major industry participants like Mastercard need to continually reassess their strategy and role in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Brandwalk is working with Mastercard’s Digital Platforms team to shape and communicate a clear and coherent strategic story and vision to its global teams.

The Approach

Our work for Mastercard is multi-faceted.  At its heart however is a core strategic story which is communicated consistently and coherently to teams.  To develop the story, we worked closely with senior leaders from the Digital Platforms team.

The Solution

Managing a global team, with members spread across different time-zones and locations presents a complex leadership challenge. Our solution is to create a regular cadence of meetings and communications, with the opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing.  The result is a greater level of trust, team alignment and agility.



Audience Research | User Interface Testing | UI/UX


Leadership story | Strategic framework


Copywriting | Iconography


Testimonials | Case studies | Presentations and graphics | Training & e-learning | Leadership Events | Leadership Coaching | video and animations

Good communication is essential to ensure that global teams work well together and share best practice and a common sense of purpose. Brandwalk helps me to communicate effectively with my team and enable them to share great looking information on to our wider business, building trust, understanding and clarity.  They provide high quality advice and support and are also a pleasure to work with.

Simon E J Phillips, Senior Vice President, Mastercard Digital Platforms