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We are Brandwalk. Your partner in building a brand.

We help leaders and organizations to drive changes in perception, behavior and culture through inspiring communications and brand storytelling.

Our specialist storytellers help you find your story and make it matter more to people through visual identity, digital and real-world experiences.

How? Through our personal commitment, clear thinking and creative expertise.

We believe in the authentic story behind your brand. Because only your story will make your brand walk.

“Brandwalk have created a spectacle in our engagement plan, engaged our employees, genuinely fostered our community value and generated a large volume of additional customer insight. But moreover, they have helped us to promote our brand – something that the latest round of customer engagement has told us that customers are very keen that we do.”

Mark Belmega,

Director of Customer Strategy, Cadent Gas

“Brandwalk have helped to shape our brand story and messaging. They uncovered brand statements and visual directions that we could really buy into. They dealt with the complexity of our organisation and with their support, expertise and flair we have been able to take their concepts to deliver clear and concise messages to our employees and customers.”

Sean Wickens,

Group Business Development Director, N G Bailey

“Brandwalk ensured they understood where we’d come from and the importance this placed in the next stage of our journey.  They took key elements of our heritage, transforming it into a modern, relevant brand that will stand the test of time. Their integration into our team, and the creativity and understanding of our charity is outstanding.”

Sara Willcocks,

Head of Marketing, Spurgeons Childrens' Charity

“In the past 10 years, I have not come across a more professional company. Brandwalk constantly go the extra mile, and always deliver above and beyond my expectations.  Their approach to projects is meticulous, with every objective being met on time and within budget. I will use Brandwalk’s services for years to come.”

Karl Teulon,

Chief Marketing Officer, Iconx Limited

“Brandwalk understood the purpose and aims at the heart of the Trust and were able to support our commercial objectives to generate increased participation and footfall at our sites.”

Andy Parsons,

Chief Executive Officer, South Wakes Lakes

“I cannot sing enough praise for Brandwalk. They are an agency who ‘get it’ and have added real value from day one. I am hugely impressed with the quality of work, the high volume of output and the can do attitude from all the team. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Justin Skinner,

Marketing Director, Contis