Are you a purpose led business?

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While it’s great to have a short memorable vision and mission statement for your business, sometimes you need to paint a richer picture to help guide your people and point your brand in the right direction – that’s the role of a ‘Purpose Manifesto’.

Become a purpose led business, by creating a Purpose Manifesto

A Purpose Manifesto is essentially a short document – about half a page or a slide – which shares your organization’s values, mission and purpose to the world.

It’s called a ‘Manifesto’ because it is a declaration of intent to pursue a course that you believe in and stand for.

It also acts as a guide to your brand and many of the Manifesto’s our creative copywriters have developed over the years have been designed to communicate and inspire people around a new brand or rebranding exercise.

The best ones move us and help us connect and relate to the brand. 

Why do I need one?

You may be thinking – I have my vision, values, mission framework, why do I need a manifesto to be a purpose led business? 

We sometimes find however that during a vision workshop (when executives strive to gain consensus or distil words) some of the wonder and meaning can be lost in translation. 

The Purpose Manifesto allows free creative expression and allows the music to flow between the lines, allowing all of those great inputs to find a home.

When combined with a strong vision and values story, your company will become a purpose led business.

What’s the difference between ‘Mission’ and ‘Manifesto?’

Your Mission statement is a short statement of what you do and for whom and the benefits you bring. Your Manifesto is a statement of intent to act in accordance with your purpose as an organization. It acts like a North Star or guide.

What makes an inspiring Purpose Manifesto?

Have a look at the manifesto of our client, Mastercard, as a great example to follow.  

  • Uses concise and simple clear language
  • Statements start with what ‘We [believe in]
  • Every sentence counts and is imbued with meaning
  • It has a consistent rhythm and tone of voice
  • It expresses how the company will make life better for [stakeholders/the world]
  • It has emotional pull
  • It tells a story until it finally ends on the brand promise – Priceless possibilities for everyone.

People and customers identify with companies which have strong values and a clear purpose.

If you would like more information on how to write a Purpose Manifesto or support in developing your brand, please get in touch and our experts will be happy to have a chat.