Re-branding a major children’s charity in its 150th year


Founded over 150 years ago, Spurgeons is one of the UK’s leading charities, supporting children and families affected by social disadvantage.


Working with a 150 year old charity


Despite an amazing legacy, Spurgeons was not well known outside its core Christian supporter base and in a sector undergoing significant change, it was essential that Spurgeons told its story. Our brief was to relaunch the Spurgeons brand, ensuring it stayed relevant to its existing supporters, whilst attracting new supporters for the years ahead.


This was no ordinary brief.  Getting to grips with a 150 year old Christian charity involved an ocean of understanding. Our approach was to peel back the layers through conversation, supporter and stakeholder insight and a genuine appreciation of the ethos at the heart of the charity.

Our new brand story ‘Hope for every child,’ springs from Charles Spurgeon’s teachings and core Christian values.

Supporting the brand story, Brandwalk developed a new logo for Spurgeons and then told the story through video, fresh new imagery, websites, workspaces, literature and reports.  The re-launch of the charity at the House of Lords, organized by Brandwalk, set Spurgeons off on its future journey.

Telling the story through powerful imagery


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