Why you need a company vision

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It may be your lack of strategy and company vision that is causing you to lose your way and your best people to leave your team.

What is a company vision?

A vision is a story about the future.  It’s aspirational and inspiring and describes how successful you will be when you have executed your strategy.

A powerful vision gives a leader the ability to define a path for the next five years, with clear short and longer term goals. Everyone in the team should be able to see how what they do contributes to achieving the company vision.

Why a lack of vision will make you lose your way

Leaders who lack a strategic vision or who are unable to communicate it effectively will struggle to climb to the higher tiers of management in an organization or realize their full potential.

Without a strong vision, your organization will begin to lose its way and your best people will leave for positions in teams or companies with a more compelling and exciting future.

How to find and define your company vision.

You won’t find your vision by locking yourself in a room and emerging with the ‘answer’. To be successful you must involve your team and be prepared to let the outside in.

  • Tune into your customers – look for opportunities to talk to them and understand how they think and what products or services they would like to see in future.
  • Know your organization – what makes you distinctive, how do you make money, what are your key competencies?
  • Understand your competitors – what makes them successful? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Understand the threats and opportunities which lie in the road ahead and how you will navigate them.
  • Look back into the past and understand the key events and triggers which changed the course of your organization for better or for worse
  • Involve your managers – seek a diversity of opinion and be prepared to encourage different points of view.
  • Incorporate your values – your purpose and values will shape your vision and define the ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’

The most inspirational leaders are ones with an exciting and compelling vision of the future. They are the ones we want to work for and the ones we invest in. Leaders who understand this basic principle and who work to define their strategic story will quickly find the path ahead.

Rob Salmon

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