Making it easy for customers to configure a complete payments solution


Contis provides end-to-end accounts and payments technology which enables issuers, companies, charities and fintechs to build their own unique payments solution.


Canvas Configurator


Whether clients need a complete card and payments solution or just some of the features, there are many possibilities with the Contis platform. To make it easy for customers and the sales team, Contis wanted a user-friendly tool to help customers quickly configure and design a personalized solution.


Working closely with the senior product team at Contis, Brandwalk designed, developed and launched a dynamic online configurator tool, enabling customers to design their cards and payments solution by selecting from multiple end-to-end service options.

The sophisticated ‘Canvas Configurator’ has given customers a window through which they can tailor their platform to meet their needs from a complete white label off the peg solution through to a bespoke build, supported by the Contis suite of APIs.

In over 10 years of operation, Contis had struggled to explain all of its product offerings in a simple and easy way.  Not only has the Configurator provided a simple interface for customers, it has freed hours of manual time spent by sales teams building customer products for customers

A blank canvas for customers for configure their white-label payment app


  • Digital:

    Web & App Design & Build/User Interface Design

  • Product & Service Design:

    User Experience Deign & Testing

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